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ZAXBY'S  |  $1,804,511  |  6.65% CAP

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Zaxby’s – 209 Marshall Rd, Jacksonville (Little Rock MSA), AR. This property is strategically positioned just one mile from the Little Rock Air Force Base, accommodating a population of 13,893, including 6,995 military members, 5,582 family members, and 1,316 civilians. It serves as a vital hub for the local community and military personnel stationed nearby.

With an impressive 15-year operating history at this location, your investment is backed by a strong track record. Conveniently adjacent to Interstate-67, which sees over 50,000 vehicles daily, and located across from Jacksonville High School, hosting 1,063 students, this property is at the center of local life. With easy walking access to Unity Health Jacksonville, a significant medical facility with 37 licensed beds and an estimated 500+ employees, this Zaxby's restaurant experiences substantial traffic. Its close proximity to major national retailers further solidifies its position in a thriving commercial landscape. Don't miss this exceptional investment opportunity!


Founder, Deltondo Advisory Group
(949) 698-2609

Anne Williams
License: PB00066390

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