REEVES EXTRUDED PRODUCTS  |  $6,250,000  |  7.00% CAP

The Deltondo Advisory Group is pleased to present for sale the fee simple interest in this single-tenant Reeves Extruded Products located at 1032 Stockton Avenue, Bakersfield (Arvin), California 93203.


The subject property is comprised of a 31,413 square feet warehouse and office. The building sits on a large 2.16 Acre lot and is constructed of mixed concrete tilt-up and metal. The structure was built in 1980 the roof replaced in 2005 and is currently in excellent condition.


Reeves Extruded Products has over 50+ years of operation. Recently Reeves has transitioned the business away from family ownership into an all-new management team. Currently running eight extrusion production lines at 50% capacity, there is plenty of room for growth. Reeves is committed to keeping clients in stock at competitive prices while being responsive to changing demands. Reeve's engineer’s quality into their solutions, from initial concept all the way to delivery.


Leveraging their 50+ years of experience and resources, Reeves takes your product from concept to production in less than three weeks. They can help with the design of your product, including help with mechanical drawings for extrudability and choosing the right compound for your application. The in-house tooling shop allows Reeves to quickly produce new tools as well as make changes along the way.



Founder, Deltondo Advisory Group

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