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IHOP  |  $2,285,714  |  7.00% CAP

IHOP Marshall 1.jpg

Now available IHOP located at 111 Interstate-20, Marshall, Texas 75672. This prime highway location boasts exceptional visibility and easy access from Interstate 20, a heavily traveled route with a daily traffic volume of over 30,900 vehicles. Positioned on End Blvd, IHOP serves as a gateway to the city of Marshall, attracting traffic from Interstate 20.

The property offers an attractive investment opportunity with a hands-off approach for the landlord. Upon the Close of Escrow, the tenant will sign a new 10-year absolute-net lease, featuring appealing 2% annual rent increases, and the lease includes the option for four additional 5-year extensions.

Strategically surrounded by multiple hotels, IHOP is an ideal dining choice for travelers along the highway. Its convenient location allows patrons to walk or take a short drive to one of the eight nearby hotels, enhancing its accessibility and customer base.

Located just two miles north of IHOP, Texas State Technical College (TSTC) boasts an enrollment of over 850 students, contributing to the potential customer flow. Additionally, the City of Marshall is home to East Texas Baptist University, situated 5 miles away from IHOP, serving 1,771 students, and Wiley College, located 4 miles away, accommodating 1,100 students, further diversifying the potential customer base.

The property's proximity to various educational institutions makes it a suitable choice for students and faculty alike. Within a mere three-mile radius of IHOP, Marshall High School accommodates 1,413 students, while Marshall Middle School has an enrollment of 910 students, resulting in a combined total student count of 2,323. This ensures a steady stream of local patrons from the nearby schools.


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